Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I won a gold Austin ADDYs award!

AIDS BikeWell, ok, I helped win an ADDY to be more precise. A gold one, at that! A few months back, I got contacted by John Livingston via flickr. He's art director for nFusion here in Austin. It's a local advertising and marketing firm. John happened across a photo I took a year ago on a photowalk.

I didn't think much about the photo at the time. It was a red bike with a sign on it discussing what it was worth to someone with AIDS. I sat down on the ground, framed, clicked, and moved on. Fast forward to December '08. John contacts me, tells me about his involvement in the campaign and that he wants to use my photo as part of the submission to the 2009 Austin ADDYs Award.

Sure, why not? At worst, nothing came of it. At best, I get a bit of recognition out of it. For a photo that I didn't expect much out of after taking it, what could I lose? So, after a bit of discussion, I licensed it to them for use in their submission.

Today I received this email.


Hey this is John Livingston from nFusion. I thought you might like to know that the picture you contributed was part of a gold award-winning campaign at the 2009 Austin ADDY awards. I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to use your great photograph.

Here’s a link to the brochure they made with the winners. Look for your name on page 19 under the Red Bike Campaign:

Unfortunately they didn’t feature your picture of the bikes in the book, but your image was used in our entry.

So now you can say you won an Austin ADDY ward. Nice job!


And, sure enough, I downloaded the PDF and found an attribution.

Austin ADDYs!

Woot! It's not much, but what the heck. A bit of exposure for something I likely wouldn't have done anything more than keep in my flickr stream. I think that's a fair exchange for the amount of effort put into the photo.

So yeah, I'm happy claiming I helped win a gold Austin ADDYs Award.

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