Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White: The Prequel.

Girl PowerNot much of a blog update. I've been furiously working my way through photos from three photo shoots over the last week and a half, trying to get everything edited, uploaded, and distributed out to their respective models and clients.

And I'm bushed.

Donica and I had a shoot Wednesday two weeks ago. She wanted to do something different and I wanted to practice with my new white muslin. I think it worked out well. Especially when you realize that up until this point, I'd stuck to grays and blacks for backgrounds. This was something completely different. The work I did with Donica in understanding how to use this tool ended up being put to good use in the White: The New Experiment.

Beats me!
Overall, I'm fairly happy with how the high key photos turned out. We shot some low key things too. Mostly because I was getting bored with the white and wanting to try something different that evening. I've shown some of the high key photos around and gotten some good feedback. Mostly, I need to watch out for having the model wash right out into the background and get some tile board for the front part of the muslin ( the part nearest the camera) in order to help get rid of the cloth ripples I was experiencing (and about ready to bang my head through the studio wall because of it too).

In other news, there's been someone of a heated discussion on the Strobist Austin discussion group regarding allowing the group to accept moderate photos in the pool. There are some decent reasons, both for and against for doing this. Don't speak ... it only breaks the silence.Tonight after considering the comments (of which, most came from moderators ... I don't know what that means ... do we just care more because we have to work at keeping the pool clean?) In the end, I opened it up to see how well we deal with it. If it becomes a problem, I guess we'll figure it out then. We're all adults, I think we can handle this.

Anywhoo, without further ado ... more Donica photos! Enjoy.



Lounging without the Bonbons.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what you mean by "accept moderate photos in the pool". What's a moderate photo? One that's a lower quality from a beginner?

Travis said...

No, corresponding to Flickr's safety levels. Safe == G/PG rated. Moderate would be like PG-13. Restricted R-rated and higher.