Wednesday, February 17, 2010

365/45 As black as coal ... charcoal, that is.

365/45 As black as coal ... charcoal, that is.

So, I've been quietly bitching to myself about not really being able to shoot at the house at night. There's just not a great place to do it because the house is so small and the backgrounds all suck. With three kids, two dogs, and three cats, there's just crap everywhere.

So I went and did something about it.

Picked up some charcoal background paper so I could set up in the garage and play around. Nothing fancy, mind you. Just something that I could put behind me and play with some close up portraits for my 365 project. Now that I have this, I'm going to get a bit more directed with my 365 ideas, I think.

Hey ... maybe I'll shoot less food.


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