Saturday, February 27, 2010

365/54 Snowmageddon

365/54 Snowmageddon

[Note: I'm a little behind on writing up these daily entries. Rest assured, I'll get caught up. Honest. No, really, I mean it.]

Tuesday was met with much cussing and gnashing of teeth whilst I looked for my gloves. The weather wasn't going to be good today. There was mild panic in the air as people scrambled to prepare for the snowmageddon event of the century. Ice! Wind! Snow! Up hill, both ways in the ... well, snow.

We had flurries throughout the day, mixed with the slow, pelting, soul-sucking crush of sleet and slush.

It began to snow as we ambled back from lunch. I stopped a moment to eat the falling flakes before they hit the ground. When we got back to where I stashed the camera, I quickly went outside and took half a dozen photos of it before it fluttered away in the storm. The flakes weren't gigantic by any means, nor did they stick when they slammed into the ground at breakneck speeds.

By the end of the day, it had all melted away as quickly and quietly as it had come.


Gordon said...

it was quite awesome out here in the Hill Country - big 2" flakes, about 1 inch on the ground. I'm told one of my pictures ended up on KVUE and I got a mention

Travis Campbell said...

Yeah, in town we had about half inch flakes, nothing stuck though. Well, I take that back ... we had all the ice pellets.