Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365/19 The Fountain

365/19 The Fountain

There's something about making someone's day. Often, it doesn't take much to do it. Just some small, considerate detail. Like this photo. I sent this to a friend this evening shortly after taking it. This is the Littlefield Fountain at the South Mall on the UT campus. She hasn't been to Austin in years, but recalls vividly one of her few evenings here, romping in and around the fountain. Only, she couldn't remember which fountain it was and I couldn't picture it when she originally described it.

Recently, she and I started corresponding again. She has some bad experiences going on in her life right now. To say the least. Tonight, it occurred to me that the fountain she was talking about was this one, so after work, I detoured my photowalk over to it and got a few photos with the iphone and the camera, intending to send her the phone copy and use the camera copies for my 365 tonight.

I sent it over to her via text. There was a long wait for a response. To put it simply, it gave her a needed smile. I like that. I like knowing that something I did put a smile on someone's face. Especially someone who's needed some happiness in her life.

Do something like this for someone in your life. It'll make you feel good. It'll make them feel good. A little good karma never hurts anyone.

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