Friday, January 8, 2010

365/7 Burnt Orange, Defeated

365/7 Burnt Orange, Defeated

Bitterly cold tonight in Austin. I'm guessing it was in the 30's when I took this. All I remember was a finger falling off from the chill. I'll go back tomorrow morning and look for it. I left it somewhere on the east stairs under the tower.

And, if you didn't see Texas play tonight, you're lucky. Seriously, I'm not sure how it could have been worse during the first half. And a fumble, 3 seconds from half-time? Come on!

Ended up only watching about 20 minutes of the game. Turned it off when I began looking for things to throw at the TV. Which is funny when you consider that I don't really watch football. Go figure.

Now, I think I'll grab some shuteye. Maybe dream of a warm day.

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