Saturday, January 9, 2010

365/9 Cheesy iPhone Photo

365/9 Cheesy iPhone Photo

It's official. I'm a sheep of the Cult of Steve. Bought my first iPhone today. 16GB 3GS one. I've been playing with it all day. More than anyone should play with anything (you've heard those warnings ... play with it too much and it'll fall off? yeah). It didn't take us long to get the old phone converted over. While we were there, my wife upgraded her Palm Pre to some Samsung smartphone thing. She's anti-iPhone, you see.

We ended up going out to Baby-A's afterwards for a bit o' grub. What a perfect way to test out the camera, right? I must say, for a cheesy cellphone camera, this thing does pretty well. No real blur whatsoever as long as you held it with a modicum of steadiness. The picture was good. The queso was better. Now you understand why I'm so far ... I love's me some queso.

So far, I've picked up the following apps:

  • Best Camera

  • PanoLab

  • Flickr

  • Google Earth

  • Strobox

  • iFolio

  • Planets - for getting sunrise/sunset data

  • Evernote

  • Remember The Milk

  • Flashlight

I also picked up some random free (and cheap) stuff, including Dragon Diction, Pandora Radio, Trapster, Urbanspoon, TweetDeck, and I am T-Pain (because I, too, want to be like T-Pain).

So far I haven't played much with Best Camera; just a few toy shots to see what it would do. I ended up pulling the queso photo into Lightroom to do some more work with presets I already have in place. Once I get more of the Best Camera stuff set up (like accounts and such), I'll start playing with it more. But so far, I'm liking it.

And with that, I shall go back to having the extreme number of nerdgasms that began the moment the iPhone dropped into my hand. And please ... no comments from the peanut gallery about glasses or hairy palms. I'm blind enough as it is without having to worry about that.

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