Wednesday, March 3, 2010

365/61 Fancy a game of quidditch?

365/61 Fancy a game of quidditch?

"Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy."

Janet Long

I was called insane tonight because of this photo. I can't help it that I wanted to fly around like a stripe-socked bint. Had the broom, could've had the hat.

Three lights going on here: two snooted SB-800's, one behind me aimed at the background, one in front of me to camera right aimed at the broom's straw sweep. SB-900 in a collapsed umbrella to camera left providing the key.

Harkening back to the post yesterday, I'm bloody tired still, so this is all I could muster in a short half-hour time period. Hope you enjoy! And remember, that may not be an airplane on the radar ... that might be me. So don't shoot.

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SpĂ­nne Ga®ten said...

I'm not sure what it is about the photo but, at my first glance, it looks like you've got ahold of a killer woody and there are sparks flying out of your ass. Does that say something about me? or you? :-) {and yes, I have way too many dreams of flying not to want to do it too. I'm potter-geeking right there with you.}