Monday, March 15, 2010

365/73 Water Droplets

365/73 Water Droplets

Another night, another drink photo. This time, I wanted to experiment with a glass bottle that had the effect of condensation on it. I used the same lighting setup as my coke can shot the other evening. Simple and easy, now that I knew just what I needed to soften the light and kill the hotspots.

No, tonight's attempt was to practice with the water droplets. The effect would have been better if the glass was further misted over to appear to be cold. I know what I need to do to achieve this, I just didn't have the supplies tonight to take the effect to it's full conclusion.

Ordinarily, water doesn't want to stay on the bottle if the droplets become too large. The trick I learned recently was to mix some liquid glycerin in with your water and use a spray bottle to apply. The suggestion I found was to use a 30%/70% glycerin/water mix. I tried using less glycerin, but it leaves the water too ... well, wet. It starts to get sticky enough as it approaches the 30/70 mix, allowing for larger droplets of water to form.

Next time I try this, I need to apply the missing step, which I'll blog about at some point in the future. It involves misting spray glue over the glass to make it more opaque, much like the sheen you would find on a cold glass that begins to frost over with fine condensation.

Here's the setup shot for tonight.

Setup, Water Droplets

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