Monday, March 29, 2010

365/82 Police Lineup

365/82 Police Lineup

Oy, I'm so backed up on posting these things!

Did my first night in the studio last Tuesday, photographing a friend for some pinup work she wanted done. It was entirely too much fun. I love shooting in this studio. The green walls, on their own, are excellent backdrops for a lot of the shooting I intend to do.

There's a red velvet couch in the studio, as well. A deep, gorgeous red. With a broken leg. It adds character, you see. I'll be posting more photos with that couch once I get them more fully processed.

It felt good to be back in the studio after such a long time away. With the closing of the last studio (Thank you, Fire Marshall Bill for condemning that building!), I've been in sort of a rut photographically. The 365 project that I'm slowly working through has been a great help for this. Definitely a good creative outlet.

Anyway, the studio. I love it. Big, spacious, clean. And a big plus: it doesn't feel like you're walking onto the set of Hostel, moving towards your death.

No, instead, it's clean and modern. Accessible. Dare I say, "nice". Yeah. nice.

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