Friday, March 19, 2010

365/77 Nostalgia

365/77 Nostalgia

This is an HP48GX. It was my first graphing calculator. I got it back in high school when I first took up calculus. It's tagged alongside me for years. Up until I quit college, that is. After that, it went into a box of junk, moved through three homes, and finally ended up in my hands again last year. I don't recall why I dug it out.

I started playing with it again this evening, trying to pull from the back of my cobweb-filled head the instructions on how to plot something with it. Took a bit of googling and some playing around before I struck upon the magic RPN incantations to graph cos(x^2) and x^2.

It's strange playing with a tool that I've had longer than any other computing device. 16 years I believe. It's outlasted at least 5 computers, 4 monitors, and several modems and cable modems. And not only that, it's still functional and useful. Can't say that about a lot of technology these days.

This was a single light setup. One SB-900 shooting through a Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe to the right of the camera about a foot away from the calculator. See the setup shot for a better look.

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