Sunday, March 14, 2010

365/71 The way out is through

365/71 The way out is through

Tried a new place for lunch on Friday: Frank Restaurant. More than a pushcart hotdog stand, Frank served quite the array of form-fitted meats in a spongy-dough bun. I went the simple route and chose a Chicago Dog with onions, relish, mustard, and what looked like a pickle. I was tempted to throw some ketchup into play, but figured I would start a revolution. No sir, no pitchfork and torch wielding mobs for me. (Tho, if I'm up in Chicago again, I might try that just to see what happens.)

The place was fairly packed thanks to SXSW Interactive. I don't know how many young hipsters I saw. I stopped counting after a few dozen. I'll spare you the food photos this time, mostly because I was famished and tore into my hot dog before I remembered to steal its soul with the camera.

Instead, I did a few slow exposures of people by the bar. I've been fascinated by photos exhibiting movement and blur, so this was a great time to try it out. Didn't take many. This was the only one that came out. Liked it even better when I cropped it square and framed him center-wise.

Have to say, this was the best $30 hotdog I've ever had ... $10 for the meal and $20 for the !@#$% parking ticket. Apparently I can't read and placed the parking sticker on the wrong side of my car. Sigh. Expensive lesson.

At least the hot dog was good.

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