Friday, March 19, 2010

365/75 A truck full of wool

365/75 A truck full of wool

"Geographically, Ireland is a medium-sized rural island that is slowly but steadily being consumed by sheep."

Dave Barry

Sheep. More specifically, sheep butts. This was wonderful view upon which I gazed after having trekked into town, twice, to go to the store. Why twice? The second time was with my wallet so I could pay for my hard-chosen delicacies.

Anyway, sheep. These guys were crammed into a mud-caked trailer, running along the highway near the house. You never realize how dirty and dusty sheep wool is until you're within spitting distance of them. Boy, were these guys disgusting. Like shaggy dogs that had been rolling around in the sand during a bad dust storm.

And what's more, the weather was wet. Drizzling, then storming, then drizzling, then storming. What a miserable day for those sheep. Probably being carted off to slaughter. And me? Headed home with a bag full of goodies and a photo.

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