Monday, March 15, 2010

365/72 Lighting a Coke and a Smile

365/72 Lighting a Coke and a Smile

Playing with some quick food photography tonight, building up a few techniques for a shot I have in mind. Tonight, I set up a coke can with a simple one light configuration, trying to get a reasonably soft light that was easily controlled.

Started out with a single sheet of notebook paper acting as the diffuser in front of the speedlight. Everyone has paper laying around, so it's a quick setup for this. Unfortunately, for what I wanted, it left a very obvious hotspot on the can that was pinpointed right in the direction of the light. Nothing like the strip of light that I wanted and expected. So, shove a second sheet of paper infront to diffuse it even more. This got rid of the hotspot at the expense of having to bump the power a bit more to make up for the loss of light.

Next thing to take care of was the excess amount of light spilling on the can from behind that was spilling out from the reflections against the wall. Easy fix: placed a blackwrap gobo between the light and the wall and that cut down all the excess light that was flooding in.

Here's a setup shot if you can't picture what I'm talking about.

Setup, Lighting a Coke and a Smile

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