Saturday, March 13, 2010

365/68 Reflections

365/68 Reflections

Saw this one the other evening with the setting of the sun as I made my evening walk. Ordinarily, I would have paid no mind to it, but the glow of the sun on the stadium caught my mind ... only, it wasn't in the reflection that I saw it. All to often we focus on what is real and what's in front of us to notice the little details off to our left and right. This is especially true as a photographer when you're tunnel-visioned by the camera.

Really, the camera is a mask for what we see. The pinhole is supposed to block and direct our view, crystalizing it into the one moment that should be captured.

What we have to remember at times is to put the camera down and look around, taking in everything that can be seen instead of taking in everything that is seen. Because, very often, the act of masking ourselves away from the world prevents us from seeing the image that should be captured, as opposed to the one we did.

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